The Delta Strike Beta is live on Facebook! A couple of days ago we launched the first beta version of our 3D social action game at the Adobe MAX conference together with the official release of Flash Player 11. Please read on or click here to play.

Beta Launch at Adobe MAX

Rumors told that the final version of Flash Player 11 (FP11) – with its Stage 3D hardware accelerated 3D graphics technology Delta Strike is based on – will be released around the Adobe MAX conference, taking place October 3rd – 5th. Since early February 2011, when we started working with this new 3D technology, our goal was to launch the beta version of Delta Strike together with the official FP11 release. But we never really had a clue when Adobe would finally release it! In August we decided to follow the rumors and prepare the beta launch for Adobe MAX on October 4th.

It turned out that Adobe really releases FP11 at Adobe MAX. And we made it just in time! After weeks of hardcore coding, designing, 3D modeling, story writing and soundtrack production we published the first beta version of Delta Strike on October 4th, the day Adobe officially released FP11. We managed to be the first FP11 3D action game on Facebook! Awesome!


This first beta version features 5 missions, the Apis MK-2 space fighter ship, a persistent avatar and a lot of different items the player can collect. Fight against the mysterious Shar’dal alien drones and collect one of these items:

  • Credits (money for future shopping)
  • Crystals (premium currency)
  • Energy Cores (to charge the shield)
  • Weapons
  • Supportive Equipment
  • Armor Upgrades
  • Healing Nanobots

Picking up items will add them to your ship’s cargo bay. By clicking on the “Inventory” button on the lower right you open up the inventory screen. Here you can equip your space ship with weapons, armor and supportive items.

By killing enemies you will gather experience points (XP). The yellow circle in the player stats on the top left shows how much XP you need to gather to receive a level up.

Next Milestone: Santa Claus

We are now working on the next big milestone scheduled around christmas. It will feature an in-game item shop where you can spend all your gathered credits, as well as all new missions, weapons and consumable items.

Play now and give feedback

If you haven’t installed Flash Player 11 yet, please do so now. Click here to play Delta Strike right in your browser on Facebook.  We are looking for your feedback to improve gameplay, performance, controls etc. Please post ideas/questions/problems here in the Delta Strike Community or right below the game on the Facebook App-Page.

Beta Launch Trailer

Just in case you haven’t seen the Beta Launch Trailer yet, definitely check it out:

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  1. Alan says:

    Great work Michael! I’m looking forward to playing this!

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